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manual edc16c

Bosch EDC16C39 (Fiat) IMMO OFF with Julie Emulatorâ„¢ by CarLabImmo Watch how easy it is to make IMMO OFF in Bosch EDC16C39 ECU from Fiat cars.
This solution is available in Julie Emulator from ...

How to easily, quickly and safely open an Engine ECU /ECM Guide - Bosch EDC16

manual edc16c pinout

Nissan ECU PIN(Per-program I.D. Network)-out wiring circuitry verification VQ35DE | Part 4 of 7 How to identifying the wiring, cell terminal for the Nissan VQ35DE Electronic control unit(ECU) MEC14-361 from the Hitachi, Ltd.

6. ECU Pinout 1/2 - Wiring Harness Series - Subaru Wiring Harness Video Series Part 6 -